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We are a training provider ensuring all our applicants have the relevant training for all their given roles and confirm all mandatory training will be complete at point of assignment. Regular supervision/appraisal of staff also ensures continual development.

We also have in house staff that are able to provide relevant inductions including nurses/medical practitioners and a vocational trainer.

Support and training of our staff is an important aspect of our service. Through direct supervision with our staff we asses training needs, we have courses and study days available,

The above are not exhaustive, since training needs can vary amongst organisations we operate a flexible training approach for both employers and applicants.

For further information on training for applicants or to organise a training course please contact -
Ashhar Naeem
tel: 0115 959 7785

For employers looking to organise a training course please contact -
Vanessa Chambers
tel: 0115 959 7799