Specialist Services

Over the years we have gained exposure and experience to an array of recruitment needs requiring specialist staffing and have the following services in place to offer a comprehensive recruitment package:

Master Vendor/Sole Supplier Services

  • Axis Recruitment is a leading master vendor provider to many organisations with a unique national recruitment centre, which is designed to act as an operational wing for this facility.
  • For operational efficiency + cost savings Axis would act as a single point of order for all units nationally and either fill the bookings or outsource work to secondary suppliers which would be formed from present suppliers to ensure consistency of care, but they would operate on lower charge rates.
  • For operational ease all orders would be put through a purchase order number mechanism or similar workings and ensure complete satisfaction.
  • Financial efficiency would be met with our transparent e-systems whereby all accounts can be viewed online by accounts/management with the facility to produce reports/statements.
  • Overall on an operational/financial level you would be achieving best practice and cost efficiency with Axis handling recruitment matters with reportable KPIs and a transparent monitoring process.

First Point of Contact

Axis acts as a first point of contact to all your recruitment need whether they be temporary or permanent. This facilitates operational ease and lowers costs for you whilst maintaining consistent quality of applicants.

Managed Services

We offer a varied level of managed services to improve efficiency of recruitment practices to cover methodical, functional and financial streamlining using experience and e-based methods.

For further information please call: 0845 4701234 or e-mail:info@axisrec.com